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A Collection of Essays on John Keats

A Collection of Essays on John KeatsOn having just read the 'A Collection of Essays on John Keats' by Hilda Morton Taylor I felt compelled to give a copy to a friend. As I was happy to learn that it was written by a writer of the highest caliber, I was delighted to see that this book contains a well-written sample of an essay on Keats. In this brief article I will compare and contrast the samples of essay on Keats.I am glad to see that the essay samples on John Keats are written in an easy to read style. There is no surprise about the source or manner of the work being composed. There is just a hint in the first essay sample of an essay on Keats, that I found refreshing.The second sample of an essay on Keats, the 'Title Chapter' is a well-written introduction to the collection. It brings a bit of Keats's genius into the light, without the poet becoming too personal. It is also very nice to see that Taylor goes into greater detail than the first essay sample.This essay sample is extre mely well-written, starting with a full disclosure of some of the facts surrounding the poet's death. The first sentence describes the tragedy at Dunsany's dying breath: 'He had been away from his country for only a day. He had never been more deeply shocked in his life.'The next sample of an essay on Keats, the 'Objects of the First Love' is composed of two essays, a song and a poem. I found the song essay to be the strongest of the two. This is because it captures the essence of Keats's genius, which I discovered when reading the other sample of an essay on Keats.James Hardwick's essay 'My God' is based on an incident that happened during the composer's stay in Scotland. It is also based on James Hardwick's love of music and his love of England. The poems included in this sample of an essay on Keats are part of the collection entitled 'Bridled'.Although I have included a few poems in the samples of essays on Keats I also think that there should be a little more attention paid to t he words that make up the pieces. This might mean going back and reading my previous work. I hope that this does not happen, but the simple fact remains that a fine paper of essays can make use of the best works of the best writers.I found the 'A Collection of Essays on John Keats' to be a delightful collection, a paper of essays on Keats, on what makes Keats so great, and on the genius of the poet. Even though I did not find this to be a delightfully edited paper of essays on Keats I do not regret the purchase. I hope that you will give a copy of this excellent collection of essays on Keats a look.

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Www22222222222222222222 - 6254 Words

Page 1 of 16 Peer Reviewed Article Vol.11(1) March 2009 Effect of online social networking on employee productivity A. Ferreira * Centre for Information and Knowledge Management University of Johannesburg Johannesburg , South Africa T. du Plessis Department of Information and Knowledge Management University of Johannesburg Johannesburg , South Africa The popularity of social networking sites is relatively recent and the effect of online social networking (OSN) on employee productivity has not received much scholarly attention. The reason most likely lies in the social nature of social networking sites and OSN, which is assumed to have a negative effect on employee productivity and not†¦show more content†¦Recent studies, for example, Golder, Wilkinson and Huberman (2007), Arvanitis and Loukis (in press) and Coyle and Vaughn (2008:13−17) concur that social networks are typical characterisations of human behaviour to fulfil the need to communicate and connect with people they know, meet new people who share a common interest, collaborate, participate and share information and knowledge as well as gain new knowledge. Generally, these are also the reasons why individuals engage in social behaviour via the Internet. To many, the Internet provides effective social networking opportunities and their online behaviour inclu des building individual relationships, expanding their personal network of friends, finding people who have had similar experiences, discussing common topics of interest, dating and finding potential life partners, staying connected to old friends or distant family and virtually meeting peers, including work colleagues, to discuss current issues or topics of interest. Page 3 of 16 2.1 Capital factors in the modern economy In the modern economy, Boase, Horrigan, Wellman and Rainie (2006:26), Acquaah (2008:1235), Arvanitis and Loukis (2008); Shalley and Perry-Smith (2008:23−24), and Wong (2008:591−614) identify some of the new factors that are becoming

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The United States Army Is One Of The Oldest American...

The United States Army is one of the oldest American institutions that has been around longer than the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The Army has many accomplishments throughout its time to include ending slavery and winning two world wars. The uniform of the army represents many things to the soldiers who serve, the families that support the soldiers, and the American citizens. The soldiers that are serving wear the uniform knowing that there will be hardships that they must overcome in their career. The Army families also have to endure the timely separations from their loved ones, not knowing if they will come home. The American citizens view soldiers as a form of pride and love for the country they swore to†¦show more content†¦Landpower is defined as the ability to gain, sustain, and exploit control over land, resources, and people. The United States Army is so successful because they insert troops into the conflicting nations and don’t p ull them out until they decide that the nation is stable and able to operate on its own. The roles of the Army are prevent, shape, and win. The Army prevents conflict in a nation by having a force that is trustworthy and made up of combat ready forces that can act swiftly when the time comes. The Army also has to stand ready to help defend other nation’s forces if they were to come in conflict at any time. The Army also has to shape the partnering nations by helping to train them so they can defend themselves. The last role is to win, and do so successfully against any opposing force. This can sometimes be the most difficult because it is face to face with the opponents and uses lethal means. The Army mission comes from the congress and laws governing the Armed Forces. The Army is a part of the Armed Forces as well as a profession. Not only does the Army carry out the missions given to them by the Commander in Chief but everyone has a job they have to do in order for the rest of the mission to flow smoothly. The Army relies on trust between soldiers and also the trust between soldiers and their leaders. The mission cannot be completed if there is not trust between everyone working together as a team. Other forms of trust include that betweenShow MoreRelatedRole of the National Guard2150 Words   |  9 PagesAbstract The National Guard is one of the oldest American institutions, and predates the War of Independence. Substantiated by the Constitution, the National Guard remains a viable military force that provides both domestic and international support for the standing armed forces. One of the capacities that the National Guard has recently served as happens to be within the realm of post-conflict stabilization. Although its role in the nation-building process is controversial, the National Guard isRead MoreThe Life Of President James Monroe1323 Words   |  6 PagesPresident James Monroe Research Paper In this essay I will be discussing the life of President James Monroe. We will talk about his life at home, where he grew up, what he did in the Revolutionary War, and his time as president of the United States of America. First we will talk about James parents. James parents were pretty good parents and kind people. His parents names were Spence and Elizabeth Monroe ( James was their first child. Spence family emigrated from Scotland in the midRead More The Army Essay499 Words   |  2 Pages There are many job oppurtunitiesin the army. Anyone one can join and be anything he wants. In the army everyone has the chance to travel the world. The army has certain benefits and requirements. All of them will be explained. The army is the oldest of the armed services and is responsible for land operations. The army has to be prepared to use any action to overcome any enemy that threatens the U.S. and the nations intrest. The army helps train the military forces of some friendly nations andRead Morestonewall Essay1478 Words   |  6 Pages â€Å"Let us cross over the river, and rest under the shade of the trees† (McGuire, pp. 162-63). These peaceful words were the last of the most charismatic Confederate general of the American Civil War, Thomas â€Å"Stonewall† Jackson. Stonewall’s work ethic, morals, and military prowess earned him the grand recognition he received during the Civil War, and a brief look into his life sheds light upon how Stonewall rose above numerous other outstanding Civil War generals to become â€Å"The Man, The Soldier,Read MoreA Study On Norwich University Essay1087 Words   |  5 Pagescollege located in Vermont. This private university is the oldest mi litary college in the country. The university was founded in the early 1800’s and was followed by only five other military colleges. The Department of Defense recognizes Norwich University as the birthplace of the Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC). Norwich University creates a supportive learning environment by maintaining an average student-faculty ratio of one to 12. The Academic Achievement Center employs professionalsRead MoreThe Legacy Of Ronald Wilson Reagan1247 Words   |  5 PagesIrish background, while his mother was a Scottish and English mix. Reagan had only one sibling, his brother, Neil Reagan. He attended a high school nearby what he considers his hometown, Dixon. At Dixon high school, he served as student body president and participated in football,basketball, track, and school plays. After graduating from Dixon High, he proceeded to attend Eureka College, a small liberal arts institution and majored in economics and sociology. While he attended college, he eventuallyRead MoreTae Guk Gi Cultural Analysis2199 Words   |  9 PagesJin-tae and his mother are tough workers, who sacrifice themselves to send Jin-seok to the university. When North Korea invades the South, the family escapes to a relatives house in t he country, but along their journey, Jin-seok is forced to join the army to fight in the front, and Jin-tae enlists too to protect his young brother. The commander promises Jin-tae that if he gets a medal he would release his brother, and Jin-tae becomes the braver soldier in the company. Along the bloody war between brothersRead MorePreceding Studies Have Identified Role Stress As Being1415 Words   |  6 Pages El-Zeiny, Adeyemo, 2014). The workload of the nurse faculty profession has proven to be one of the highest in stress content levels, by way of the various strains and discontents that lead to burnout amongst nurse faculty (Baker, Fitzpatrick, Griffin, 2011; Roughton, 2013; Yedidia, Chou, Brownlee, Flynn, Tanner, 2014). Preceding efforts in the arena of the administrative department provides only one basis to organizational commitment elements that influence multigenerational nurse facultyRead MoreThe Events That Changed Latin America2205 Words   |  9 PagesThe Event that Changed Latin America The Latin American countries have been subject to many changes ever since the American continent was discovered. These changes have mainly affected the economy, culture and power changes these countries have suffered throughout the years. According to Jon Charles Chasteen on his book â€Å"Born in Blood Fire† During the twentieth century, there were three main events that changed the course of Latin American countries and their economies. These three events wereRead MorePrison Gangs2927 Words   |  12 Pageswell-organized groups could still pose significant threats to the security and orderly running of an institution. Many of these smaller groups occupy the fringes of various conceptual and organizational frameworks, most notable ethnic, religious, or social organizations. Nevertheless, they have demonstrated that they can constitute a threat to prison security and public safety (gang buster). In 1986 the United States Department of Justice identified 114 different pri son gangs in the U.S., and with a membership

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Jewish Culture in Nursing Free Essays

1. The Jewish culture has many concepts of taboo. One of the biggest items found was the importance of remembering the past. We will write a custom essay sample on Jewish Culture in Nursing or any similar topic only for you Order Now Past is a very important aspect in the Jewish community, even the breaking of a glass at the end of a wedding, symbolizes the destruction of a temple during an invasion from the Roman Army. (Giger and Davidhizar, 2008, p. 598) During childbirth, a husband may be in the room with his wife but may not participate other than coaching. He is not allowed to view or see the vaginal area or touch his wife. After the delivery, he may lean over to his wife, careful not to touch, and say â€Å"Mazal tov† or good luck, congratulations. (Giger and Davidhizar, 2008, p. 596) After delivery it is important to be careful around the baby. Jewish people believe that is the nipple is pulled to fast from the child, falling on the head, or failing to place a cap on the head of the infant are all causes of fallen fontanel. The symptoms of this include crying, fever, vomiting, and diarrhea; but modern practice shows us that the causes of these symptoms are from dehydration. The evil eye, or mal ojo, is a feared illness that is caused from someone admiring a child and that person has a frustrated wish to hold the child, but for a reason unknown, the person is unable to fulfill the wish. Hours later the child has fever, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite. Also, it suggests the child’s eyes will roll in the back of the head, and will become listless. This is probably the result of dehydration, but this is one perceived cause of a chronic illness. (Andrews and Boyle, 2008, p. 132) 2. If a follower of Judaism becomes ill, it is a common trend for the entire family to pull together and take care of the person. When the dying process starts a nurse should know that there is a strong need for a confessional. (Giger and Davidhizar, 2008, p. 606) If a person of Jewish faith passes away, the body must not be touched by a person of opposite sex. If this happens the body will be considered contaminated. All articles of clothing and any personal items that have come into contact with blood must be left with the body and not be touched. Blood is sacred and must be buried along with the body. The body is removed to a sacred temple where the body is washed from head to toe in warm water, being careful not to turn the face towards the ground. The body will be dressed in white burial shrouds, tachrichim, and will be buried in a simple pine wood box. This is done so no one can distinguish wealth. (Klug, 2013, p. 1) This is all a part in a traditional ritual of the Jewish faith. 2B. This writer doesn’t believe in the above mentioned taboos. Reading this information has sparked an interest in the cultural beliefs held by Judaism. Current beliefs are influenced by religion and basic humanity procedures for the dying and deceased. Religion has influenced death as a passing of one person to heaven or hell. Humanity procedures that are followed are the cleansing of a body, the placement in a casket, visitation and burial, and grieving by family and friends. 2C. Influence in practice is based off of the religions of the patients request or family beliefs. As a hospice nurse, personal beliefs do not affect work habits. There are many different patient rights that are noted and followed. Giger, J. N. , Davidhizar, R. E. (2008). Transcultural nursing: Assessment and intervention (5th ed. ). St. Louis, MO: Mosby. Andrews, M. M. , Boyle, J. S. (2008). Transcultural concepts in nursing care (5thed. ). Philadelphia: Lippincott, Williams Wilkins. Klug, L. A. (2013). Jewish Life. Jewish Funeral Customs: Saying Goodbye to a Loved One. Retrieved Feb. 5, 2013, from http://www. jewishfederations. org/funeral-customs. aspx? print=1 How to cite Jewish Culture in Nursing, Papers

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Malay civilisation free essay sample

1. Positive influences (skills and technology) During the times where there was no technology, there was no civilization. Material development is one of the definitions of civilization. Without technology, new material, building and etc cannot be constructed or produced. This leads to no civilization being born. Example: During the stone age, there were no clothes for human beings to wear. They only moved around being nude. But once the technology of making clothes and dresses were found, people starting wearing clothes and they started being civilized. 2. Religious boost Cultural development too defines civilization. Religion is one of the mediums which introduced culture to the world. A specific religion has its own taboos, and when these taboos were strongly followed for generations, thus culture was born. Example: Islam strong opposes premarital sex. So as a solution, ‘nikah’ or marriage is introduced to world. Marriage then became not only an Islamic culture but also a world culture. We will write a custom essay sample on Malay civilisation or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Civilisation is born. AL-TAWAZUN Explaination: Balance and integrated state between spiritual and physical (material) of the human life. Example: Struggle for properties for life, and at the same time pay the zakat and give sedekah. Thabat wa Murunah  Explaination: To be fixed and firm in the principles and flexible in the practice. Example: Solat is compulsory for Muslims. But for those Muslims who are sick or not feeling well, they are allowed to complete their solat in a sitting or lying down position with their capability. Inqilabiyyah Explaination: Islam has to be strictly practiced in and every situations. Islam should be differentiated from jahiliyyah and should not be mixed up with the jahiliyyah system. Example: During the jahiliyyah times, baby girls are killed once they are  born because baby girls are considered a shame to the family. But in Islam, baby girls are not killed like in jahiliyyah times, but cared and nurtured just as they do to a baby boy.

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Essay on English Portfolio Metaphor

Essay on English Portfolio Metaphor Essay on English Portfolio Metaphor Yasmine Shahbazi English II Mr. Paulsen 15 May 2013 English Portfolio Metaphor Sophomore year has definitely been peculiar to say the least. It has come with great challenges, some overcome, and some not; one thing for sure, it was no walk in the park. Managing to get through this year has been like a poker game. You deal or are dealt to. It includes skill and luck. You bet, check, bluff, and raise. You learn from those you play with. Sometimes you win with a pair or lose with a full house. But whatever happens, it's best to keep on shuffling along. (tying in metaphor to this year don’t know where to put it in essay)******Sophomore year required times when I had to deal with certain situations solely by myself and yet there were other times when I had the reliability of my teachers to help me. This year made me study to the point where my brain physicaly hurt to get a successful grade, or I wouldn’t study at all and somehow do fine. I took risks, yet there were moments when I was insecure. I relied immensely on my peers who always encouraged me to try the best I could. There were tests I would get A’s on, and tests I would fail. But finally by the end of the year, I learned to let whatever happens happen as long as I tried my hardest.**** Over this past year, I know I have truly changed as a whole. I used to be so insecure, and the things that used to be so important to me before are completely irrelevant now. I remember the struggles I had when I was a freshman, not my best time. I was doing horribly in school and no matter how hard I tried, my grades continued to tumble. I remember sitting there with my friends after first semester was over having ended with a 2.8 gpa, and one of my friends was claiming it to be the end of the world because she had one A- along with the rest of her A’s. I was so embarrassed knowing I was by far the dumbest one in that room, I remember sitting there thinking could I quite possibly be the stupidest person in our grade? I feel like Sage is the complete opposite of the typical stereotype of highschool, that if your not smart at sage your a loser. I just always felt people thought I purposely wasn’t trying when I want nothing more than to have good grades! And then theres t he annoyance of people who don’t try at all and get perfect grades while I am studying as hard as I can to only do at best mediocre. For example, my friend and I both had a science test the next day. I had been sitting in my room for ours studying the material ready to have a nervous breakdown when I get a call from that friend asking if I want to go to dinner and the mall that night. When I ask her about the test, she said she hasn’t studied yet and shes just going to fail. Next day, I get an 80 and she gets a 98. This is so frustrating to me and when I am at my worst it seems like the most unfair thing in the world to me. These thoughts and frustrations continued to fluster my mind for the rest of freshman year. I constantly put myself down and was always severly stressed out about my future. Hearing all of my friends talking about all of the extracurricular activites and community service they already have as freshman when I had none. I had very overdramatic days w hen I honestly thought I would not get into college. After a long summer break, going into sophomore year was a way easier transition than I thought. Everything that I was constantly worried and stressed out about freshman year never factored in and I still don’t know why. I have been trying my hardest and for the most part, it has proved to be successful! Not going to lie, I feel a lot better about myself when I hear my friends saying how they think sophomore year is a lot more challenging than freshman year when I feel that I am doing okay! I do not mean to downplay it, however. Sophomore year is slightly less challenging, but its still not easy. And I don’t think that the

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10 Best Alternatives to Student Loans

10 Best Alternatives to Student Loans Getting into the college of your dreams is only the first hurdle many students need to overcome. By far the most difficult part of going to college is coming up with the money to pay for it. With student loan problems splashed across every newspaper, blog and financial website in the universe, many students are beginning to explore alternatives to traditional student financing. Weve rounded up the 10 most promising alternatives. 1. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending Peer-to-peer lending, often abbreviated to P2P, is a type of private loans which takes place between two individuals, or peers. Some characterize P2P lending as the corporate worlds spin on one friend loaning another some money†. While perhaps an oversimplification, thats essentially what it is. In peer-to-peer lending there are no credit checks, bank or government involvement in the loan itself. Private lenders offer loans for a set interest rate and its conducted as a private business. The largest lending platforms in the United States are Prosper and Lending Club. 2. Work Study Programs If youre already working part-time, you may qualify for the Federal Work Study (FWS) Program. This is a fund maintained by the government to help students who work part-time and go to school full time. Applications can be submitted through your schools Student Office as well as directly through the programs website. 3. Tuition Reimbursement Many companies offer a tuition reimbursement program. These program pay students back a portion of their school tuition, but does not include fees or textbook costs. This kind of program is typically offered in companies that traditionally promote from within and have various options for career growth. 4. Scholarships You dont always need to have the best grades or crazy athletic skills to land a scholarship. Scholarships are awarded by schools, companies, organizations, clubs and churches. There are thousands of scholarships that range from a few hundred dollars and go up to $10,000 and more. Local scholarships can be found through community organizations, churches and private businesses. Check your local library, community swim team and the local businesses that support softball, baseball, football or other local teams. Have your parents ask at work – many companies offer special scholarships to the children on employees. National and international scholarships can be found easily online or with the help of a high school or college adviser. 5. Grants In contrast to scholarships, grants are typically need based and are offered through the Federal Government. These grants can be applied for directly through the student aid website of the US Government. Several grants are also available at the state level. Grants do not have to be repaid and can be applied for either once a year or, in some cases, during each quarter or semester. 7. The Military Every branch of the US Military offers a number of grants, scholarships and financial aid opportunities for active and former servicemen and women as well as the families of those soldiers. If youre willing to postpone college a few years and enlist yourself, you could easily get a free ride, no matter what your degree. As a bonus youll get plenty of hands on experience in your chosen field and a history of military service makes a great impression on resumes and in an interview. 8. AmeriCorps AmeriCorps is a program maintained by the US federal government. It aims to get people more involved with various non-profit charities, schools and other community centered organizations on both a state and national level. It could involve working with the homeless, teaching children how to read, working with at risk teens or any other kind of public service. A 12 month stint with AmeriCorps snags you a living allowance, help with housing and, once youre done, some nice Education Credits you can apply to your tuition and other education costs. 9. Cap in Hand Where do people turn to in times of trouble and need? The internet, of course! Hitting up people for small (or large) donations online is nothing new, but plenty of people never consider it when looking into ways to pay for college. From asking for financing on a specific university project through a website like Kickstarter to just taking up a page and using it to ask for donations, the internet can be a great way to raise funds. Alex Tew made history in 2005 when he set up the Million Dollar Homepage and sold ad space online for $1 per pixel in order to pay for his university education in Wiltshire, England. The ploy paid off and, in 2006, Tew grossed $1,037,000. 10. Rich Relatives or Winning the Lottery Perhaps a bit less pragmatic than our other options but, hey, if you havent seen Great Uncle Norbert for awhile, this might be a great time to catch up! Failing that, hit the Bingo haul with Grandma and dont forget to borrow one of her lucky troll dolls!